AnnoyZneighbour|Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours

AnnoyZneighbour | Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours
AnnoyZneighbour | Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours | How To Make Noise Complaints

You’re chilling in your humble abode, wishing for nothing more than peace and quiet. Or at least to be able to hear yourself think. And yet, your neighbours are … (fill in the bothersome noise).

Tired of putting up with noisy neighbours? Ready to do what it takes to make the annoying noise stop? You’ve come to the right place.

According to HGC Engineering Acoustical Consultants:

“Noise is the number one complaint issue facing residential, commercial and institutional property managers, condo boards and developers alike.”

Peace and quiet in four possible steps:

  1. An anonymous note
  2. A formal complaint to your strata council (or landlord)
  3. A formal complaint with your city hall
  4. Hire a lawyer

Still want to continue with your quest for quiet? Click through to the three articles below.


Never approach your neighbours when they’re being noisy. You’re already angry, and this will only escalate during the confrontation. Furthermore, you could be placing yourself in a dangerous situation. News articles have cited people beaten or even killed while trying to break up noisy parties.

Complain to your Noisy Neighbour Anonymously


You’ve slipped your noisy neighbours a well-written anonymous note. But they don’t care! Your second task is a well-written, detailed complaint email to your landlord, property manager or city bylaw officer. Here’s how …

How to Fine your Noisy Neighbour Successfully


Studies have shown that residential noise from neighbouring dwellings, and even within one’s own home can cause significant irritation and stress. According to medical journals, noise pollution is having increasingly detrimental effects on public health.

The Detrimental Health Effects of Noise Pollution


Please remember, revenge on your noisy neighbour has no place in this process. At some point your actions can, and will be held against you. Be careful!

“Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right”

Good luck!

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