Waiting For The Authorities To Quiet Your Noisy Neighbours

Waiting For The Authorities To Quiet Your Noisy Neighbours
Waiting For The Authorities To Quiet Your Noisy Neighbours

Waiting For The Authorities To Quiet Your Noisy Neighbours

Usually your first formal complaint will result in a warning letter to your noisy neighbours. This means that you may have to continue to organize further information. You’ll also may have to make more formal complaints.

You can now be absolutely positive that your noisy neighbours are aware that they are bothering somebody. Yet the noise continues! Your irritation is heightened! Now your noisy neighbours noise seems deliberate!

You find yourself waiting for the authorities to quiet your noisy neighbours. Unfortunately, this means ongoing exposure to the noise of your neighbour’s life.

A Shopping List To Help Insulate Yourself From Your Noisy Neighbours

Don’t worry! There are purchases that can help you can manage all that noise. And these will go a long way to ease your suffering. Here are some ideas.

Sound Machine: A sound machine can replace your neighbour’s noise with more preferable sounds.

However, some folks prefer straight white noise.

White Noise: also called white sound: a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound, as an electronically produced drone or sound of rain, used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds. – Dictionary.com

White noise, or otherwise known as background noise, can be used to drown out the bulk of your neighbour’s noise. However, when purchasing an object that makes white noise, it may be preferable if it had other uses as well:

  • Electric Fan: An electric fan provides white noise while cooling your home.
  • Space Heater: A space heater can offer white noise & usually has both a fan & heater option.

Is the white noise enough? If not, & your neighbour’s noise is still interruptive to your life, then you can go a step further …

  • Earplugs: Add a good set of earplugs. This could be the difference between sleeping & not sleeping.
  • Noise-cancelling Headphones: Can’t wear earplugs? Try noise-cancelling headphones.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long!

– Robin Rumble

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