The Health Effects of Noise Pollution

The Health Effects of Noise Pollution
The Health Effects of Noise Pollution

How Much Noise Pollution Is Too Much?

Noise pollution is subjective. Each person will have different:

  • Beliefs
  • Past experiences
  • Levels of sensitivity.

All will affect how much noise pollution is acceptable.

However, too much noise pollution can create health concerns. How much noise pollution is too much?

The Health Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise is defined as “unwanted sound”. Is the noise loud enough to distract? Is the noise continuous or non-continuous?

According to medical journals, noise pollution is having increasingly detrimental effects on public health. In fact, ongoing noise pollution can cause:

  • Annoyance & emotional stress. Which can lead to mental health disorders.
  • Migraines.
  • Disruption to performing intellectual tasks such as reading, writing or number crunching.
  • Sleep disturbances. Which causes daytime sleepiness. This will affect performance & eventually lead to a loss of productivity.
  • Increased blood pressure & heart rate. Which can eventually lead to hypertension & cardiovascular disease.

Ongoing, unwanted noise is a threat to health & well-being & can only lead to diminished quality of life.

As a society, our history is filled with failures to recognize & deal with the causes of disease. Thankfully there are laws in place to deal with unwanted noise!

Strata bylaws include rules about noise pollution & noise violations. The Residential Tenancy Act also has laws against noisy neighbours. Your city, as well, will have noise violation bylaws. Thankfully, all have standardized systems to:

  • Accept your written noise complaints &
  • To deal with your noisy neighbours.

These laws are in place to help you with your quest for quiet. But it’s up to you to make use of them.

– Robin Rumble

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