Email Strata Council a Noise Complaint Against Your Noisy Neighbours

Email Strata Council a Noise Complaint Against Your Noisy Neighbours
Email Strata Council a Noise Complaint Against Your Noisy Neighbours

Email Strata Council a Noise Complaint Against Your Noisy Neighbours

Have you been following this blog? If so, then by now you’ve already slipped your noisy neighbours a well-written anonymous note. If you haven’t, then that’s the first thing you need to do!

You can find an example of an anonymous note here: Write Your Noisy Neighbours an Anonymous Noise Complaint.

Are you a renter? For help specific to you, please click here > You’re a Renter? | Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours.

Have you found that the anonymous note didn’t make a damn bit of difference? Are your neighbours still too noisy? You’ve warned them. They know they’re being bothersome. They just don’t care!

It’s time to get the authorities involved.

If you live in a strata situation, then you are protected by your strata’s bylaws.  Regardless of where you live, the bylaws governing your strata will probably be similar. It’s time to email strata council.

Clarify The Source of The Noise

Take the time to be exact. You’re accusing your neighbour of excessive noise. You’re subjecting your neighbour to a fine. You don’t have the luxury of making a mistake.

If you still haven’t verified that the bothersome noise is indeed coming from the accused, do so now. Walk the halls or sidewalks. Make sure you have the correct neighbour.

If the noise is ridiculous, call the police (non-emergency number) every single time. Record each & every time you call the police (time & date). Include the exact reason that you called.

Then start your preparations to email strata council & make your formal complaint.

Keep Precise Records

Record the following:

  • The exact time & date that you hear the noise.
  • Describe the noise objectively (thud, bump, scrape). Then, in brackets, describe what you believe is causing the noise (sounds like a dragging chair).
  • If it’s music you hear, if you can, name the band & song & even some lyrics.
  • Edit the information to be sure that nothing points to who you are or your location. For example: ceiling, floor, up, down etc. Remember that the ongoing safety of you & your family is important. Your identity must remain confidential.

The more detailed & exacting your information is, the more effective your efforts will be to:

  • Shock your neighbours into immediately changing their behaviour. Hopefully upon receiving that first official warning letter.
  • Inform your neighbours on how much of their noise you can actually hear.
  • Teach your neighbours exactly how much noise is considered respectful.
  • Quash any notions your neighbours may have toward denial & stories of innocence.

 You Cannot Remain Anonymous When You Email Strata Council

Don’t worry. Legally, when you email strata council, they & the property management company must keep your identity secret.

Under the subject heading, list YOUR:

  • Building’s Strata plan number
  • Suite number

At the beginning of the email, in the body of text, use the heading “Re:” & list your noisy neighbours’:

  • Building’s Strata plan number
  • Suite number

If any of the above is not clear, your property manager can ignore your email. Then there would be no purpose in sending it!

How To Email Strata Council

List the detailed noise information in an email & send it to your strata council. You must send it to the Property Management Company & they will send it to the strata council. Something like this:

  • From: (your email address)
  • To: (property manager’s direct email address)
  • Subject: Noise Complaint Strata plan VR321, Suite #122

Re: Noise Complaint – Strata plan VR321, Suite #123

Hi (property manager’s name),

The owner of suite #123 has rented their property out to new tenants whose choice of lifestyle is entirely incompatible with the bylaws. Below is a running description of what we’ve been enduring:

Saturday, January 12th

  • 10:30 – 11:00pm – Pounding music reverberating throughout our apartment (techno/house) with shouting over-top of the music.
  • 11:00pm – 3:00am – Raised voices, shouting, cheering & howling
  • 3:00am – 4:00am – Loud music (techno/house) with shouting over-top of the music.

Sunday, January 13th

  • 5:00am – 5:20am – Loud music reverberating through our apartment (techno/house)
  • 11:08pm – 12:33am – Shouting, profanity, slamming doors, glass bottles shattering

Monday, January 14th

  • 8:31pm – 9:33pm – Music (we could only hear & feel the bass)
  • 9:33pm – 12:33am – Turned up the music (techno/house) & shouting

Tuesday, January 15th

7:38pm – 1:27am – Raised voices ongoing, profanity, slamming doors

Thursday, January 17th

  • 2:04pm – 3:30pm – Raised voices, profanity, slamming doors
  • 6:10pm – 1:06am – Raised voices, shouting & cheering ongoing

Saturday, January 19th

  • 8:48pm – 4am – Pounding music (techno/house) reverberating throughout our apartment with shouting & howling over-top of the music

Sunday, January 20th

  • 7:03pm – 11:46pm – Raised voices, shouting & cheering ongoing. Every second word is profanity. I could hear this over my own music.
  • 3:40am – 4:35am – Loud sexual announcements (loud enough to wake me!)

The property manager will send a warning letter for noise violation along with the running noise description. I also asked the property manager to send the following note to both the tenant & the owner of the suite:

The barriers separating the apartments are far from sound proof explaining why noise seems to be the least tolerated of all infractions. To minimize disturbance to your neighbours please:

  • Refrain from raising your voice, stomping & wearing hard-soled shoes on your flooring.
  • Close doors & cupboards quietly.
  • Keep your music volume low enough so that only you can hear it.
  • Keep your television volume low enough so that only you can hear it.

Legally, fines, when accompanied by a written complaint, can be as frequent as once per week & as much as $200.

It’s great idea to thank your over-worked property manager at the bottom of your email!

Thank you (property manager’s name), I really appreciate your help!

Sincerely, (Your name)

You can send this detailed information in an email to your Property Management Company. Then by law:

  • They must present it to the strata council at a properly convened council meeting.
  • They have to forward a letter of warning to your neighbour.
  • In British Columbia, your identity must remain confidential.

If The Noise Doesn’t Stop, Continue With Your Record Keeping

If the noise does not stop, continue to compile information. Send the details in email after email to the Property Management Company. After the initial warning, your noisy neighbour can be fined! Paying fines is usually enough to get neighbours to change their annoying habits.

Email Strata Council? What If It Doesn’t Work?

Is your quest for quiet still unavenged? You’ve sent email after email to your strata council. They’ve sent fine after fine to your noisy neighbour. But still no end to the noise? You may have to get your city’s bylaw officer involved …

– Robin Rumble

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