Write Your Noisy Neighbours an Anonymous Noise Complaint

Write Your Noisy Neighbours an Anonymous Noise Complaint
Write Your Noisy Neighbours an Anonymous Noise Complaint

The Anonymous Noise Complaint

You’re chilling in your humble abode & wishing for nothing more than peace & quiet. Or at least to be able to hear yourself think. And yet, your neighbours are … (fill in the bothersome noise).

If your first, knee-jerk reaction is to “go over there” & make it stop, then you haven’t read: Never Let Your Noisy Neighbours Know It Was You!

For your own safety, it’s important that you never approach your neighbours about their noise. If you don’t understand why, then please click on the link above.

Because your best bet is to endure your neighbours’ noise … this time. Write your noisy neighbours an anonymous noise complaint. Wait until the next day & slip it under their door or into their mailbox.

Clarify Where The Noise Is Coming From

But before you deliver that anonymous noise complaint, be certain the noise is definitely coming from the neighbours whom you suspect.

In a condominium building, sound will travel:

  • Vertically,
  • Horizontally &
  • Even diagonally.

So you really need to get out of your home, walk the halls & make absolutely sure you peg the correct apartment or flat. Quietly listen at the door of the suite that’s suspect to ensure that is indeed where the noise is coming from.

In a strata complex, where there are multiple buildings (such as in townhouse situations) noise will bounce off surfaces making it difficult to discern it’s source. Trees & other landscaping can further muffle or distort sound.

If the noise is ridiculous, it will be obvious where it’s coming from. Call the police (non-emergency number) each & every time. However, that’s only a short-term solution. You’ll need something that will help over the long haul.

Write Your Noisy Neighbour an Anonymous Noise Complaint

Realize that by delivering an anonymous noise complaint, you are being more than fair. You haven’t made a formal complaint yet. You may not have even contacted the police. As well, you are giving your neighbours the benefit of the doubt that they may not be aware that anyone can hear them.

Slide your note under your noisy neighbours’ door or into his mailbox. Something like this:


Dear (suite #) Residents,

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the barriers separating the apartments are not soundproof. I can hear you when you’re just talking.

Yesterday, I arrived home at about 8pm and had to endure your shouting and howling until around 1am. I even watched a movie with my earphones on and could still hear you! Can you imagine how you sounded? It made for an annoying evening.

Please realize that Saturday and Sunday are not “the weekend” for everyone. I must wake up at 6:30am for work on both days.

There are approximately 20 drinking establishments within walking distance. Please make use of them during visits with your friends. iPods & ear-buds are great for listening to loud music.

I really don’t want to resort to writing to the Council as the fines are now $200 per incident. Furthermore, once the Council gets started on a specific resident, they tend to go a little crazy and I don’t wish this on anyone.

However, as per both the city bylaws and the strata bylaws, it is your responsibility to ensure your noise stays within your suite.

Please be more respectful.

Thank you,

Your neighbour

Consequently, upon receiving this information, if your neighbours:

  • Did not realize that anyone could hear them &
  • Care about the well-being of the people living around them,

Then this anonymous noise complaint will do the trick!

However, some people are just downright self absorbed. They’ll completely disregard your warning. That’s when you feed them to the dogs …

– Robin Rumble

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