AnnoyZneighbour | Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours

AnnoyZneighbour | Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours
AnnoyZneighbour | Making Noise Complaints Against Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours | How To Make Noise Complaints

Are you dealing with noisy neighbours? Tired of it? Are you ready to do what it takes to make the annoying noise stop?

According to HGC Engineering Acoustical Consultants:

“Noise is the number one complaint issue facing residential, commercial & institutional property managers, condo boards & developers alike.”

Noise Pollution Can Travel In Confusing Ways

It’s important to understand that noise can travel:

  • In great distances
  • In all directions.

To cause further irritation, sound can strike a surface, reflect & continue to bounce until its energy dissipates.

Furthermore, sound can transmit:

  • From outside the building through the openings around plumbing, electrical & ventilation systems.
  • From inside the building through solid surfaces or via the framing that extends throughout the structure.

This makes it difficult to pin-point exactly where noise is coming from. So …

Before you make that noise complaint & accuse a neighbour of being overly noisy, it’s important to verify the source.

Noise Pollution Can Negatively Affect Your Health

Continuous or non-continuous noise, loud enough to distract can result in an increased risk of:

  • Psychological disorders
  • Migraines, &
  • Even emotional stress.

Ongoing, this can only lead to loss of productivity & diminished quality of life.

Hello! My name is Robin Rumble.

Are you ready to embark on your quest for quiet?  Would you like help on exactly how to go about doing that, at no charge to yourself? Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Quest For Quiet | 4 Possible Steps

  1. An anonymous note
  2. A formal complaint to your strata council (or landlord)
  3. A formal complaint with your city hall
  4. Hire a lawyer

It’s important to note that “revenge on your noisy neighbour” has no place in your quest for quiet. Be careful! At some point during this due process your actions can be held against you.

“Remember, two wrongs don’t make a right”

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